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(Al Mana) has been an established contracting company under the laws of the State of Qatar since 1963 and remains an integral part of the esteemed Al Mana Group.As general contractors Al Mana are carrying out construction projects and infrastructure projects.Al Mana projects Division has been stablished under the Al Mana umbrella since 1963 and brings general and specialist Construction Works aspects. Since that date Al Mana continually improves the company system to reach the satisfactory of the client. At the same time Al Mana preparing and arranging staff well trained and certified to lead the company to get the ISO 9001 – 2008 certificate.
As a part of the continual improvement and more experience and interest Al Mana Company establish services divisions to serve the company requirements and supply these services to the client for more satisfactory.

Some of Almana Projects :-

  • GTC 143construction storage facilities of FDS Geology lab and core store atDukhan
  • FDT / PDD Laboratory office and store building at Dukhan
  • Construction of New Commercial Complex at Dukhan
  • Fire administration building within Dukhan fields
  • Construction of Metallurgical lab at Dukhan. GTC 06/125/ED
  • Construction of New training centre at Dukhan. GTC 06/201/ED
  • New Record Centre at QPAA Dukhan
  • Qatar petroleum downtown – Dukhan
  • Construction of New Mosque at DSSA and Dukhan Downtown Area
  • water sports club

The divisions under Al Mana contracting company:

  • • Aluminium division
  • • Carpentry division
  • • Building material division

All Al Mana Divisions pride themselves on the Company's Policy to control each individual contract by applying cost effective, planned and systematic methods that determine, assess and achieve quality in accordance with each client's particular requirements.
It is recognized by Al Mana that quality and safety are the keystone of success in the industry. The reputation and professionalism of Al Mana staff and products hinge on quality. Therefore, Al Mana are committed to our quality policy for all projects whether large or small and each are managed and supervised with the same attitude towards quality and safety.


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